User Research Services

Whether you are a Usability expert in charge of the usability aspects for your company, or you are a Usability agency in your country looking for some help in France, Usabilis provides a set of key solutions that can assist you.

As you know the difference between knowing, understanding and being a part of the French culture, we assume that it’s in your best interests to work with a local company. Usabilis offers bilingual consultancy services that can help your business concerns be fully understood and dealt with.

User Testing

Also, setting up a series of User Testing should be considered as a top priority to make sure the French audience will be ready to adopt your product. Usabilis have the ability and long term experience to conduct these sessions for you.

  • We observe several French users, of your target demographics, performing relevant tasks.
  • We provide video capture for final delivery with simultaneous translation in your language.
  • We produce a complete report with a list of recommendations for improvements.
  • All work is done in fluent English.


Looking deeper in the market of your target audience can sometimes be difficult when your competitors are local and their website or applications are in French. This is why we provide a Benchmarking service, allowing you to have a precise knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

  • We compare your site against its closest local competitors to help you identify best practices used by the French market.
  • We can conduct user tests or Focus Groups with French people to complete your benchmark (helps you collect tangible feedback about your product and identify their practical assets/drawbacks.).
  • We provide a detailed report listing the best practices.
Benchmarking service UX in France with Usabilis