Test Facilities for User testing

User testing with our Usability laboratories in Paris


Our usability laboratories are located in the south of Paris (Mairie de Montrouge métro station), and are fully equipped with the latest technologies available in the industry

Observation room usability testing - User tests

Observations rooms

Where the observers sit to look at the users :

  • Semi-reflecting windows, allowing observers to be part of the test without interfering with the user.
  • Remote Desktop technology allowing to monitor the screen of the user.
  • Remote Audio technology
  • Room speakers
  • High speed internet
  • Local network

Test rooms

Where we conduct the user tests and focus groups :

  • Morae usability testing software for web sites and software
  • Computers equipped with webcams and microphones.
  • Tripods and camera
  • Microphones
  • Screen capture software
  • High speed internet
  • Local network
Usability testing - User tests in France - Usabilis
Resting rooms - Usability testing in France - Usabilis

Resting room

Where the users who haven’t performed the tasks wait.

  • Relaxing and realistic atmosphere
  • “Home-like” feeling for the participant

This helps users to forget the usability test or user research situation so they can give a more valuable input. When users have the impression that they are being tested or graded in not what we are looking for.



With a database of more than 100.000 users in France, allowing us to select a very precise audience, we can hire almost any kind of user even kids or teenagers. Our most important area of users is Paris and its surroundings, but our database covers the entire France.

User testing -A database of more than 100.000 users in France

We can assist you selecting various profiles, classified by gender, job category, geographical area, social background, areas of interest. Setting up a test need to be well planned in advance to gather the most precise information you need, but we have very good experience working with tight deadlines and critical needs.

Geographical situation

Our Test Laboratories are located in the south of Paris (Mairie de Montrouge métro station), 2 steps away from Montparnasse and Les Champs Elysées. This location allows us to gather French Parisians from any arrondissement and any nearby suburb. The Test Laboratories are accessible through subway line.

Map for Usabilis French UX company

No location would be better to attract the real French spirit, and if you want to visit us in order to see with your own eyes how and where we work, you can stay longer and spend the rest of your stay visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you want to have a more complete understanding of your target population, we offer you the possibility to conduct tests in other major cities in France as we have laboratories in Lyon, Lille, Rennes and Nantes.

Map of Usabilis in France for usability testing : laboratories in Lyon, Lille, Rennes and Nantes