About us

Usabilis is a dynamic company with multidisciplinary employees.

We intervene at a conceptual level in products cycles, providing our expertise to our partners at every level of the usability process, from user research to final graphical design.

Our consultants have extremely wide backgrounds. Some of us have long term experience (more than 20 years) in this field while others have a double expertise in design and psychology. We consider that a great design comes from the ability to respect carefully usability principles while providing creative and open-minded input.

Our Values

We like to consider ourselves as different from our competitors as we put our passion for usability at the heart of our way of working. This is why at Usabilis we work together to change people’s understanding of usability. We believe this goes through:

Client satisfaction

Our mission is to help you make your interactive product become easier to use, increasing the user experience of your clients and partners. With a very flexible way of working and more than a hundred references, leading companies have trusted our capacity to meet their needs and accepted to rely on our expertise.


Jean François Nogier, founder of Usabilis, spent the great majority of his career as an engineer in the Human-Computer Interface field at IBM and Thales. He has been working in this field for more than 25 years and had started building a worldwide recognized expertise while he was at the head of operational development phases for large Thales projects.
His passion goes to the top business and engineer schools of the country, as he teaches usability at Paris Dauphine (French leading University), Telecom & Management Sud Paris, ENST and Supélec (all among the top 10 French business and engineer schools). Today, Usabilis works with various partners to help them create Web and software products.


Our working methods are the results of 20 years of experience in application design and information systems. They are based on recognized research results and they proved themselves being truly efficient as they led to very accurate results. When working with clients, we always use an objective approach to fully understand their needs and by setting back on every situation.